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              The BTCCARS Library is an important facility for the students of the college currently has more than  9500  volumes,  including  textbooks, reference  books, manuals, reports etc. The  Library  also subscribes about  10  current  periodicals for  the  researchers. All operations of the Library are automated with the help of an open-source  Integrated  Library System  software  package. The  database  for the entire collection has been created  and  available  through  On-Line  Public  Access Catalogue (OPAC)  to  the users. The library has free Internet   and   Wi-Fi   facilities for   its   users.   E-journals   consortium   (CeRA)   service  of  NAIP (National Agricultural  Innovation  Project )  through  ICAR  has  been made  available to its users. Access of full text and statistical  databases, such as  “Science Direct”,  “CAB   Abstracts”, “CAB     eBooks”,    “e-KrishiShiksha”, “Krishiprabha”  and  “OPAC”  were  made  online  available to the users. The URLs of available e-resources are given for instant access.  The library provides reprography facility to its users on subsidized rates along with current awareness  and  SDI  services.  The  Library  also extends  the  facilities  to access E-journals consortium (CeRA) service  of NAIP  (National  Agricultural  Innovation  Project)  and “Krishiprabha” online on IP based access.

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